NDIS Participants

NDIS participants are people with special needs or a disability in Australia.

We offer our help to those applicants who want to start their own business, and are at least 16 years old, by giving them *unlimited free business advice.


You or your caregiver can contact us to talk about your business idea. 

*service based on consultant availability

Disability and Special Needs Entrepreneurship

Did you know that working-age (aged 15–64) people with disability are more likely to be unemployed than those without disability in Australia? 


The unemployment rate of working-age people with disability in Australia (10%) is twice that of those without disability (5.3%).


The choice of career is a fundamental right of people with disability and special needs, and entrepreneurship can be catalysts for expanding work opportunities and improving outcomes for people with disability. Although some people with disability may see self-employment as a last resort, there are a number that actively pursue this option because it provides freedom, independence and flexibility. They can work at their own pace, undertake work that may not be available in traditional jobs, in an environment that suits their particular needs.


Some people with a disability (or a development disorder such as autism), see self-employment as a platform for innovation and an opportunity to change attitudes for a better quality of life. A successful entrepreneur with a disability can serve as models for others and raise awareness about the skills and competencies of people with disability. 

Self-employment benefits can also be more intrinsic or intangible, such as having a decision-making role, sense of dignity, personal control, personal competence, work autonomy, self-worth, self-reliance, enjoyment of work, and a way to meet personal expectations.


In many countries, self-employed entrepreneurs with disabilities report higher levels of job satisfaction compared to their employed counterparts.

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