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My name is Lydia Canovas and I am the founder of NEST, company located in the city of Townsville from where we support entrepreneurs and investors from all over Australia.


The word NEST reflects very well the philosophy and values of this project. A "nest" is the place chosen by a bird to lay eggs and house its young. In this context, we are that place to house the eggs (projects) that we "incubate" for our entrepreneurs while they "hunt". In this incubation process, we put all our efforts so that these eggs will become chicks (startups) and adult birds (scalable business) someday, taking care of them as if they were our own and looking for the best caretakers (partners and investors) who will satisfy their constant hungry needs.

NEST is the result of two initiatives:

1- New Entrepreneurs (NE), whose objective is to help and train entrepreneurs so that their businesses are scalable.

2- Startups Townsville (ST), whose aim is to help investors in Australia who want to invest their capital in startups as part of a team.

Why did I decide to launch this project?


This project is the result of the development of my personal and professional career. I am an Economist, specialized in innovative and technological startups, and I am currently in the last stage of a PhD in Business Management with a research focus on Seed Accelerators, startups and investment operations.


Although I am a new face in Townsville, where I recently moved with my family, many already know me in the entrepreneurship and investment community.


For the last 12 years I have helped more than 100 entrepreneurs in the adventure of managing a business, especially after the last Global Financial Crisis of 2008.


In 2012, due to difficulties in obtaining funds from traditional banks, I started YarakSeed Club, an Investment Fund formed by lots of private investors and partnered with beCode Startup Accelerator.


For the past 8 years I have been involved in investment operations with startups and traditional businesses, in the crowdlending and crowdfunding format, and helping organisations around the world to start business incubators/ accelerators and investment funds. 

NEST is a project in continuous evolution. Every day a new door opens that takes us to directions that we would have never imagined. These achievements are possible thanks to everyone who participates in this project in one way or another.

So I invite you to get on this train today.


We have innovative, technological, social, revolutionary, and profitable projects at hand in which we would love for you to participate as an entrepreneur or as an investor, as we already are.


Do not miss out on this opportunity and join our community today.

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