Training and Consulting Services for Entrepreneurs and Investors 

in Australia

Website and eCommerce Development

Sales Strategy Implementation

Branding, Publicity and Marketing Online

Business Mentoring and Consulting

Data Analysis and 

Market Research

Financing and Investment Opportunities

1. We create and train entrepreneurs at every step of their business.

2. We find the best opportunities for our investors according to their investment criteria.


Website and eCommerce Development

Nowadays, building a website doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. There are many website and online store platforms available.

We train our entrepreneurs to develop and improve their impressive website or online store to sell their products or services.

We also find the best name for their domain, buy a professional email, and host their website.

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Branding, Publicity and Marketing Online

As is the case with website platforms, there are now more affordable design options than ever.

We train our entrepreneurs to design their own brand, logo and create the different image formats that they will need for their different social media channels.

We also teach how to manage and add content to these channels.

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Business Mentoring and Consulting

When starting a business, it is important to avoid common mistakes and focus on the value of what you can offer.

Even if you don't have a business idea yet, we can brainstorm and find different ideas that you can enjoy putting into practice.

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Sales Strategy Implementation

Not everyone has good sales skills, in fact selling is the most difficult part of a business, but definitely it is the most important. 


When sales are not going great, we help our entrepreneurs to find the reasons behind the problem and implement the correct strategy to increase sales in less than a month.


The most effective sales strategies involve a mix between online strategies (google ads, Facebook, Instagram,...) and traditional advertising strategies (newspaper ad, radio, banner,...)

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Data Analysis and 

Market Research

One of the most important tasks that our entrepreneurs must carry out before starting their own company is to analyze their competition, but also their suppliers and potential partners in the area where they will offer their products or services.


This can sometimes be tricky, especially when there are companies of different sizes offering the same type of products.

We help our entrepreneurs by conducting rigorous market research and analysis of their business competitors, suppliers and potential partners.

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Financing and Investment Opportunities

We help our entrepreneurs find investment options and public or private financing for their businesses. 

We work with business angels in search of good investment opportunities.

We have extensive experience linking investors with startups. We are also aware of all the grants currently available for your business, regardless of the state of Australia where you reside.

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Each entrepreneur's project and investor is unique. We provide tailored and personalized training depending on what your goals are.

Thanks to our professional training, experience and network we provide our entrepreneurs and investors with the right advice to make the right decisions. 


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